Why You Should Take Your Kids Hunting and Fishing

By James Fackrell

There’s a popular saying going around now that states: “Kids who hunt and fish don’t use drugs and steal.” It’s safe to say that statement for the most part is very true. Me and my close friends being solid examples. Growing up I was around everything from drugs, alcohol, smoking and stealing.

However I was too busy hunting and fishing to get involved in it. Hunting and fishing were my number one priorities in life, they’ve since moved to my second priority behind my family. I still dream and think about hunting and fishing everyday that I’m awake and moving though.

It’s safe to say that a person’s best memories are when he/she was young and was out hunting or fishing with their father or family. I know those are my best memories. I still love to sit and reflect back on when I was young and remember my father waking me up at 4 am, climbing into his truck and heading out to our favorite hunting spot.

Sitting there waiting for first light on the opening day of the deer hunt was the most exciting emotion for me back then. That was a high for me that could never be matched by a drug or by stealing.

You could say that I became 100% addicted to the outdoors after I got my first taste of it. I think most outdoorsmen will agree with me on that statement. It became a lifelong obsession and passion.

Taking your kids outdoors could possibly be the best experience of their lives, something they’ll never ever forget. Once kids get a taste and love of the outdoors they’ll be too busy dreaming about their next hunting or fishing trip to worry about trying drugs or out stealing with their friends.

I’m encouraging everyone who reads this to take your kids hunting and fishing as much as possible, your kids will thank you for it. That I can promise.

James Fackrell


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