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Saltwater Fishing in Zihuatanejo

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Many fishermen live and breath saltwater fishing and love to share their passion for the sport.  Fishing in saltwater is fun and you can include your entire family which in turn is sure to add even more excitement to an already exciting pursuit. Avid saltwater enthusiasts thrive on learning new saltwater fishing tips and tricks in order to make the challenge a more interesting one with each outing.  Just as freshwater fishing lends itself to specific gear, saltwater sport fishing is also done using equipment and tackle geared to saltwater fishing.

It pays to understand what the experts have to say regarding ocean fishing and by heeding these tips you will be able to learn which type of fish you’ll be catching and the best strategies to use in order to get the maximum value out of saltwater fishing.  An easy to follow saltwater shore fishing tip is learning to elect to use hook and rod as well as reel for shore saltwater fishing instead of trying to catch fish with the help of fishing aids or even nets.  A saltwater fishing pole is often rigged in a setup known as the basic dropper loop rig.  Fishing bait : what bait to use when saltwater fishing when saltwater fishing, artificial baits can be used, but the best bait is locally caught shrimp.

Some of the types of saltwater fishing include recreational fly, surf, pier, shore, ocean and sport fishing. Of course your tackle will be different depending on the style of fishing you choose.

The types of fish you can expect to catch can vary greatly and sooner or later you will catch something that you probably won’t recognize.  Some of the species found in salt water fishing include marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo, snapper, cod and dorado.  In the colder water regions you can expect to catch salmon.  In fact the west coast of Canada and Alaska are World renowned for their salmon fishing for steelhead, spring, king and tyee.

First and foremost a person taking or attempting to take game and non-game fish from salt water for non-commercial purposes is required to have a valid fishing license and a saltwater fishing stamp endorsement.

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